You should check out Redwood National and State Parks with your family and friends! These parks are located in the United States, along the coast of northern California, and they’re made up of over one hundred thousand acres of land.  Redwood is known for being the home to the tallest trees on Earth, but Redwood also has amazing scenery, creeping oxalis, mosses, and other types of greenery decorating its floor.  Redwood contains shadowy forests and prairies- i.e. sweeping grasslands.

Redwood offers hikers trails that can match their schedules and interests; the Redwood Creek Trail is a sixteen mile round-trip journey that offers hikers the opportunity to have a hiking experience like no other! About eight miles into this hike, hikers cross a bridge into Tall Trees Grove, which is the home to three of the six tallest trees in the world (i.e. each of these trees is soaring 300 or more feet upward).  We love Redwood National and State Parks, which is why we created this website.  In addition, we enjoy participating in outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, biking, and exploring nature with our friends and family.  At a young age, our families introduced us to outdoor activities that we shared and we love to do with our own families today! Check out our website to receive updates on Redwood National and State Parks.

Our goal is to provide you with insightful perspectives on wildlife, paddling, camping and lodging, hiking, biking, and more. We hope that you continue to follow our website and that you take some time out of your busy schedule to explore what Redwood has to offer.

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